Life & Style |Floom's December Horoscopes


It might be a rough start to the month, Aries, but you’ve got the positive energy you need to turn things around. Your world is going to turn upside down on the 6th, but fresh opportunities will arise. Get ahead on the new year before this one’s even over – you’ll have a smooth start to 2019. December 22 could pose a family problem – stand your ground when it comes to social obligations – and the annual family get together – and it will all play out happily in the end.


The new moon at the start of the month could bring personal complications. Someone close to you might not be very good at showing they care, but guess what? They do! Give them a chance to straighten things out. When Venus trines Neptune on December 21 things will heat up in the love department. Act with your heart, not your head, for it’s time you had some fun. Winter begins and the sun enters Capricorn then, too. Fear not, this will keep you grounded for the weeks ahead.


Oh la la gemini, a lover may become wildly generous with their affection around the new moon. You know what you want, so act now and you’ll reap the rewards. Mercury goes stationary direct on December 6. You might n need to use your sense of humour to make light of a specific situation. Lighten up and when you look back in a few weeks time, you’ll realise it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it seamed.


The sun-Neptune square at the start of the month may cause illusions of imaginary unhappiness. Someone close might need a wake up call – be patient and compassionate to offer them the best support. The Venus-Neptune trine on December 21 will provide a moment of clarity following what’s been a long drawn out difficult situation. Embrace the stability it brings. The full moon the next day brings power! Channel it into a firm grip on the year ahead.


Silly misunderstands at the start of the month may take some time to iron out. But when Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 12, it’s time to let your hair down. Embrace the holiday spirit while focussing on the happiness of no.1 (that’s you). Roll on that high until the moon turns full on December 22. Leave the hospitality to the others. Consider this your only job: turning up to the festivities looking fabulous. That is all.


Begin the holiday season early, Libra. Spend more time with your pals on the new moon on December 6 – it’s likely you’ll enjoy yourself so much that those other plans don’t matter so much anymore. Remember, what you put into a relationship is what you get back. The Venus-Neptune trine on December 21 brings extra xmas magic! Share that joy with those who matter to you most. When the full moon arrives on December 22 – you’ll be in the spotlight at work. Make careful decisions for the year ahead.


Scorpio, spend wisely around the full moon on December 6. Be sure to feel rich no matter what your financial decision – those around you are worth their weight in chocolate coins (and gold). The full moon on December 22 will quite literally light up your life. Be conscious of the everyday gestures of those around you in the workplace, and be sure to take care of that business that’s been niggling you before the year ends. The possibilities are endless, they just need to be unlocked.


Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 12 and your social schedule is on fire. Be sure to make time to prepare for the moments that matter to you most. By December 21 you’ll be all partied out – don’t let your social schedule get in the way of that to-do list. You’ll get it done just in the nick of time. Think about someone close to you when the full moon arrived – you can make a big difference to their life. Make sharp observations and trust in your instinct and intuition.


Be mindful on December 6th’s full moon. The world is moving fast around you, but it’s time to reconsider the projects to which you dedicate your time. Go slowly and let any retrograde dust settle. You’ll be thankful for being organised when the new year arrives. There’s romance brewing close to home on the full moon. Be confident in how great you are! Everyone else is. You’re infectious charm will attract the right kind of love.


Aquarius, your WhatsApp notifications will be going wild around the new moon on December 6. Festive plus will have your head spinning – but you don’t have to attend them all! Forget social obligations and be sure to enjoy December on your own terms. You may not be able to slow down during the full moon on the twenty-second, but that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the things that matter to you the most. You’ll feel accomplished as the new year rolls in.


Pisces, opportunity will come knocking on the Mars-Neptune conjunction on December 7. If this is the door to a dream you’ve had for years – you can make it happen. Your social circle will bring you joy during the Venus-Neptune trine on December 21. Make plans that bring you joy for the year ahead. The full moon make make you super sensitive, but that’s okay. Someone special wants to cheer you up, and do you know what, time with you will cheer them up too!