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Once a month we’ll be digging deep into the record crates of one of our more musically geeky contributors to find some (tenuously) flower-related aural gems for your listening pleasure – provided they’re on Spotify of course. Let’s see how it goes, hey?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the latest edition of Floom Sounds, inspired this month by the Viola Sororia AKA the common violet! It may be common but that doesn’t mean it’s vivid shade and dainty petals hasn’t inspired many a smash hit pop song.

Obviously none of those are going to feature here though. Because if Floom’s main thing is about exposing you to blooms and bouquets you might never normally see then I only feel it’s my duty to stay true to that spirit in Floom Sounds, exposing you to sounds and songs that you might never normally hear. At least that’s the justification I use for sharing this latest round of esoteric ditties with you.

We’ll ease into proceedings though, don’t worry – first up comes the very lovely nu-disco leanings of Bubble Club, with Violet Morning Moon. I’ve chosen the remix by Dr. Dunks (AKA Eric Duncan of Rub ‘n’ Tug fame) from the B-side because no one can wring a joyous bassline out of a track like he can. If you want things just as euphoric but a little more shimmery though, the original is probably for you. Did someone say shimmery and euphoric! Bam – step right up From Red to Violet, a jacking little house number from Japan’s Crystal, released on Tim Sweeney’s great-but-never-quite-as-great-as-the-radio-show-it’s-named-after label, Beats in Space.

I’m cheating a little bit with the next one (Listen Over The Oceans is the name of the song, Violet Eves is the name of the act) but it’s such a wonderful little slice of off-kilter Europop it deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. Hopefully it will be now that it’s appeared on the latest excellent compilation from Music from Memory, Uneven Paths. The subtitle of that comp is ‘Deviant Pop from Europe, 1980-1991’ and that’s exactly what this is. Winding back a bit: it’s Ultra Violet by The Extra Glenns, a side-project from the most wonderful human being on the planet, John Darnielle. If you don’t know his primary output as The Mountain Goats, prepare to have your life changed. The Extra Glenns stuff doesn’t touch the peaks of TMG obviously but still contains that trademark blend of poignant storytelling and quirky imagery. Rounding things off is Billie Holiday’s typically heartbreaking rendition of Violets For Your Furs –I defy anyone who’s ever loved and lost not to have a “sorry-think-theres-something-in-my-eye” moment at some point during the song.

Take a listen to the playlist and check out the new tracks below. Also remember to subscribe and listen to the full playlist here!

Listen to the full playlist here.

Violet Morning Moon (Dr. Dunks Remix) – Bubble Club

From Red to Violet – Crystal

Listen Over the Oceans – Violet Eves

Ultra Violet – The Extra Glenns

Violets for Your Furs – Billie Holiday

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