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So who would have thought that botanical themed podcasts are a thing? Well much like all of the slightly obscure combinations out there (we’re looking at you peanut butter and pickle sandwich) the internet has a place for them. We’ve rounded up the very best gardening tip transmiter’s, vocal botanists, and green fingered DJ’s the internet has to offer. Take a look at the choices below, and if you think we’ve missed your favourite, drop us an email on [email protected] to add it to the list.

1. On The Ledge

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Consider On The Ledge your new go-to source for indoor gardening information and inspiration. The podcast is produced by freelance writer and presenter Jane Perrone, and covers everything from houseplant tips and trends and weird grow your own veg, to interviews with plant parents about their impressive green apartments (Summer Rayne Oaks, we’re looking at you). As Perrone puts it, for Oaks “it all started with a single fiddle leaf fig…”


2. BBC Gardener’s Question Time

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It’s no secret that Gardener’s Question Time is a British institution (having been on our screens for seven decades). And while a panel of horticultural experts still sit answering questions on everything from re-potting plants, eco-friendly landscaping and home harvesting, to edible ingredients, it’s moved into the digital age by offering a downloadable podcast of every episode. The questions are broad and diverse – so whether you’re a gardening novice or a seasoned expert, there’s something for every taste.

3. A Way To Garden

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If you’re a seasoned gardener who’s looking for some innovative and experimental content, consider A Way To Garden as your new aural companion. Previous episodes cover everything from developing a signature garden style with designer Susan Morrison and succulent rehab with collection Katherine Tracey, to plant-based soup recipes and lessons in foodscaping with author and horticulturist Brie Arthur.

4. Support your local florists

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Slow Flowers is a podcast about American flowers by Debra Prinzing that’s willing you to make a sustainable and conscious choices. In previous episodes she’s spoken to eco-couture flower designers, flower farmers, and botanical start-ups that support the Local Flowers movement. There’s a grand total of 344 episodes to choose from, but we recommend no. 332 – an interview with the woman behind Pantone’s Colour of the Year campaign – to get you started.

5. Stuff You Should Know

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Okay, so Stuff You Should Know isn’t necessarily a botanical podcast, but there are some great episodes in their archive that demystify the properties of some of our most familiar plants. Cue: How Poison Ivy Works – if you’ve ever wondered why ivy makes you itch (it happens to 85% of us), this episode goes out to you. Others discuss how orchids work, green tech trends, ethnobotany and guerrilla gardening.

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