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With Father’s Day fast approaching, we thought it fit to get in touch with a few of our favourite father’s from the Floom family. First up, it’s Nick Hayward. Hailing from up North, Nick runs London-based digital production studio The Narrative – that he co-founded – who work with brands from Google to Matches Fashion, and all those between. Nick lives in Clapton with his wife Sam, baby Grey, and of course, a houseplant or two. We took a trip to his home to chat green-space nostalgia and (seriously good) flower-fuelled moves...

Are you more of a plant or a flower man?

Plants for sure. I’m a North country lad, brought up in the fields, love grass.

Which plants would we find in your home?

Mainly green ferns and cheese plants. We actually have a 9ft tree in our living room, love a tree.

What about The Narrative’s workspace?

Our studio has a lot of cacti and green ferns too. We need them to breathe fresh air into our edit room!

Are there any flowers that remind you of a particular moment in your life?

This is embarrassing, but when I was still at school I was mad proud of this flower move I pulled off with a girl at uni I was seeing. I sent some white roses up to her uni halls of residence 5th floor room to be delivered through the window by the window cleaner who was on a on lift. That wee girl is now my wife!


What’s your most-loved scent?

Jasmine… it reminds me of long summer nights.

Why do you think it’s cool to receive flowers?

A living thing that cleans your air and looks and smells nice – that’s pretty ace.

What song do you think of when you picture a green space?

I grew up messing around in green fields in Cumbria, Kicking a ball around a lot, listening to The La’s, The Stone Roses and so on. The Verve - Lucky Man, springs to mind when I think of those days.

Baby Grey 2

What’s your favourite green-hangout in London?

Abney Park is the one for my dog Huxley, he loves his morning walk in there. There are some mad gravestones in there too. I also play Sunday league on the hallowed turf of Hackney Marshes every week. Love it.

What about elsewhere in the world?

Canada – snow and green evergreens from when I lived in Whistler BC, an epic combo.

Baby Grey 1