Art & Design |Arts and crafts with withering flowers

Mother’s Day is over, and Spring is in full bloom. With our Mother’s Day flowers on their way out, we’re taking on the Spring mindset and making them into something new. We’ve put together a list of 6 arts and crafts activities you can do either by yourself, or with the kids.

1. Pressed flowers

To keep your flowers around a little bit longer, think about pressing your flowers between a book. You can later use the pressed flowers to put into some resin, so you can keep them forever.

Just put some news paper between pages of an old book, one you don’t care about too much. Then, put your flowers between those pages and then close the book, making sure the book is weighted. keep them in a warm dry place. You can check on your flowers daily. It should take 2 to 3 weeks for the flowers to dry out.

Evie S 2 M 7 D27K9 Ng Unsplash

2. Make a picture

Whether you’ve decided to dry your flowers out, or want to use them in the state they’re in. You can. make a picture out of them.

Dried flowers are likely to last slightly longer. Take your flowers and arrange them however you like on paper. Then, using PVA glue, stick them down on the paper. Use paint or crayons to draw around them to take it to the next step, creating multi dimensional artwork. or leave them as they are.

Hisu Lee Abk Bvd1Gb Va Unsplash 1

3. Use them as tools

Using the flowers as a tool is one way to make full use of your flowers. Putting the flowers into paint and using them to print onto paper will create an array of different shapes with the petals. It’s fun for the kids too, to think outside of the box with their creativity.

Fallon Michael Ip59Z0 Fxbu Y Unsplash 1

4. Make flower crowns

Next up you can make flower crowns! These are super fun to make, and the kids can take them into their worlds of make believe after once they’re done. You’re going to need:

Craft wire
normal wire

Measure the craft wire around your heads and stick them together with the the tape.

Pick out the stems you want to use for your flower crown. Arrange them around the crown and stick them down with the tape. Think about having some of the biggest flowers in the front and the smaller at the sides to create a peak at the front.

Then they’re ready! Let the crowning begin.

Annie Spratt Oth Pgc Ychfc Unsplash

5. Make candles

If you have some wax at home, you can make some flower candles. The flowers won’t add a scent but they’ll look really pretty!

To Make flower wax candles, start by sticking a wick to the bottom of a heat safe container. Melt some wax on the stove. Once the wax is melted pour them into your candle safe container. Nearer the top, place your flower petals into the wax and then wait for the candles to set.
Cut the wick and then your candles are ready to light.
To give you candles scent, add in a couple drops of essential oil during the wax melting process.

Jessica Delp Sm Nzh Fqrktg Unsplash 1

6. Use them as a muse

Lastly, and perhaps most simply, use your flowers as a muse. Put them in the centre of a table with good lighting. Using paint, colouring pencils or any other creative materials you have around and create a masterpiece!

Europeana Yif Fvw Dcgu8 Unsplash 1

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