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Flower Glossary

Looking for the perfect bouquet to surprise a loved one but unsure what flowers to gift? View our Flower Index to find out the origin, symbolism and which flowers are appropriate to gift to friends, families or that special someone.

A flower that’s been prized for its ornamental qualities for so long, the carnation is steeped in symbolism.
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Used to express sentiments of commitment, dignity, and elegance, the dahlia makes the perfect gift for summer.
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The distinctive, vibrantly coloured flowering of the iris has inspired many iconic appropriations through history.
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They’re a hardy bunch, able to thrive in the arid conditions of Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush.
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The orchid – prized for their idiosyncratic beauty, and commonly associated with exotic locations.
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The enchanting flowers be found blooming in abundance from late spring into early summer.
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Whether it be for their association with love, romance, or war, roses have a long, complex, and colourful history.
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It’s a flower and it looks like the sun. Like actually looks like it - same colour, shape, everything.
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Celebrated across the globe in various major cities with a strong Dutch heritage.
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