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The Sunflower

With the sunflower, there’s no messing around like that. It’s a flower and it looks like the sun. Like actually looks like it - same colour, shape, everything. Sure, the cynics amongst us might scoff at their broadest of the broad appeal - I would say they’re like the Coldplay of the flower world but even the worst flower out there doesn’t deserve that accolade. Truth is, there is something inherently happy about them: those bright yellow ‘ray’ petals, their gangly shape and larger than life size. They symbolise adoration but there’s nothing particularly symbolic about that is there?

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Popular sunflower questions

How to grow sunflowers

To grow sunflowers you need a sunny but, sheltered spot and healthy soil. Sunflowers are typically planted in March or April. If you wish to get a headstart, planing seeds indoors in early March is best, before moving growing sunflowers and replanting outside in late April. Sunflowers will typically grow up to 2 metres tall.

Are sunflowers perennials?

Sunflowers can be perennials whilst many varieties of sunflowers are annuals. Some differences between sunflowers that are perennials, and sunflowers that are annual are the head size, sunflowers with small heads, are generally perennials. Perennial sunflowers also take longer to bloom, and will not bloom on the first year of being planted whilst annual sunflowers will.

Are sunflowers easy to grow?

Sunflowers are one of the easier stems to grow, and are often grown in schools with children. Care will have to be taken to ensure birds do not eat planted seeds. Once the sunflowers are past their seeding stage and are growing in the earth, they are fairly easy to maintain.