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Ah, the carnation: we’d be the first to admit it’s not the first flower we think of, if we’re talking hip young cool pretty things for the millennial trendsetters… but just as we overcame a certain disdain for roses and all they came to represent, so too do we harbor an increasing fondness for this frilly lil number, beloved of old ladies the world over.

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The Carnation

As you might expect from a flower that’s been prized for its ornamental qualities for so long, the carnation is steeped in symbolism. Its formal name, dianthus, is derived from the Greek for ‘heavenly flower’ (a Christian legend has it that carnations first sprung from the Virgin Mary’s tears as she watched JC carrying his cross) and on the broadest level they stand for love. Just like the L word however, there are all different types of carnations delivering slightly different variations on this central theme. Thanks to the aforementioned biblical belief, pink carnations have come to stand for a mother’s undying love; light red carnations are for mere admiration, but cross over into darker shades of red and we’re talking deep love and affection. In the Netherlands, the white carnation has become a symbol of love for those veterans who formed a resistance during WWI

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