Life & Style |July Green Insta-inspo

Our monthly Insta hit-list of green-spiration for the month ahead. Because who doesn’t want their ‘gram to be a greener place? From @thebush__ curated by a London-based garden designer, to San Diego’s @thepottedjungle, these are our must-follows for the month of June…

1. @thepottedjungle

A self confessed “plantaholic with a love for all things green”, San Diego’s @thepottedjungle will provide you with a tapestry of green interior inspiration for the bedroom, office, bathroom and beyond (starring a cute four legged friend, or two).

2. @houseplantjournal

@houseplantjournal documents Canadian engineer Darryl Cheng’s approach to house plant care. Head to his blog for house plant tours, tips and inspiration.

3. @still_______

From green illustrations to awe inspiring greenhouse spaces – consider Amsterdam-based photographer & plant enthusiast Janneke Luursema’s @still_______ account your go to for stylised botanical observations.

4. @thebush__

Curated by a London based garden designer, @thebush__ is a must follow for unexpected floral inspiration and architectural plantscapes alike.

5. @hortusamsterdam

If you’re heading to Amsterdam, be sure to pay a visit to the city’s green oasis The Hortus – one of the oldest botanic gardens in Europe. If you don’t plan to visit anytime soon, follow their account for daily inspiration.

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