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Kimberly Kushner

Naturopath and Nutritionist

Marigolds may seem like quite a common flower, but they are rather special when it comes to beneficial properties. They possess many a hidden desirable trait that may not be obvious upon first glancing this little golden beauty. Time to re-think the Marigold? We think so.

Botanical name: Calendula officinalis

Common name: Marigold, Pot Marigold, Garden Marigold

Plant family: Asteraceae

Parts used: Flower heads

Active constituents: triterpenes, carotenoids, essential oils, flavonoids

Qualities: Slightly bitter and cooling, pungent, and drying. 

Actions: Vulnerary (wound healing), anti-spasmodic (reduces spasm), anti-inflammatory (decreases swelling, redness and pain), antimicrobial (antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral)


Traditionally used to heal fresh wounds, infected cuts, stitches, and grazes but it is also beneficial for wounds and ulcers which have been slow to heal. Topical use is administered in a lotion or cream containing the herbal extract, or by applying a poultice. Internally, it is used for a multitude of ailments from sore throat gargles to dysmenorrhea (period pain), stomach ulcers and digestive inflammation. Due to its antimicrobial action it is also a beneficial treatment for a range of infections. 


• As a tea with marshmallow root and ginger for digestive upset. 
• A cream with Aloe barbadensis to aid in healing inflamed sores.
• An antiseptic cream with Hydrastis canadensis, Echinacea spp. and propolis to combat infections.
Cautions and Contra-indications: None known. Calendula is a safe and well tolerated herb.


Infusion- Pour one cup of boiling water onto one tablespoon of dried florets, and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. This can be drunk as a tea (3 cups daily), used to wash cuts and wounds, or used as a gargle. 

Kimberly Kushner BHSc (Nutritional Medicine), BHSc (Naturopathy) is a clinical nutritionist and naturopath who aims to provide you with the finest holistic health care. Her approach in assisting you to optimal health is practical, compassionate, empathic, and scientific. Kimberly treats acute and chronic health conditions and her main areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: reproductive health (women’s and men’s), digestive complaints, food allergies, healthy weight management, detoxification, and more.



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