About Us

Hi, we're Floom!


Think about flowers for a second. 

Maybe you’re remembering that time you were mowing your grandma’s lawn and you caught glimpse of a dainty little bloom just fluttering away there amongst the cracks of her patio. Maybe you’re thinking about the makeshift bouquet that the boy from the wrong side of the tracks assembled for you before picking you up for school prom, and how even though it was just a pick ’n’ mix selection of daisies and other wild stems he’d found on the side of the road - somehow they were just perfect in that moment.

Because that’s what the best flowers do. Flowers capture a perfect, thoughtful moment: it’s the temporal beauty of life and nature portrayed in one of the most rewarding and vibrant ways imaginable.

So why do so many big online flower-sellers have such a hard time capturing that?

At Floom, we aim to do just that, working with the most talented local florists to put the finest flowers at your fingertips. Take a quick watch of our video above to see how it all works.

Floom was founded by Lana Elie, who spent the last few years producing global campaigns for some of the biggest brands out there: Burberry, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Nike… Before that though, she was an executive PA freshly arrived in London from her childhood home of Bali, Indonesia (via a couple of years in Melbourne). As you can imagine this new role involved sending a lot of flowers.

Lana was consistently frustrated however by the lack of inspiring options and clunky websites out there when it came to sending those all important bouquets. How were you supposed to make a gift feel personal and thoughtful when the services you had access to felt like the complete opposite to that?

Cut to February 2016 onwards, and after a huge push to build on the Floom vision, Lana and the rest of her team are providing fresh, seasonal and unique bouquets around the UK.

We’re thrilled to be able to do what we’re doing, just to have you here on the site immersing yourself in our flowers. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts at hello@floom.com. You can hear some of ours by signing up to our newsletter below.