The cosmos was (according to a certain UK broadsheet newspaper at least) the flower of 2016. Quite what this means in real terms we’re unsure - or exactly who the marketing department belongs to that the newspaper speculates might have felt the need to come up with such a thing. It has to be said though, as 2016 ticks over into 2017, that we’re still quite, quite enamoured with the white cosmos. You can take this as proof of our on-trend credentials if you like (he says, casually adjusting the hem of his oversized Vetements hoodie).

Sometimes you just want to cut through the hype though, and appreciate the indisputable tangible qualities of a flower that enlivens any arrangement. We already spoke of our love for the chocolate variety in a previous instalment of Flower Of The Week, but this white version relies on no such scratch ’n’ sniff gimmickry: elegant ivory petals that would make even Phoebe Philo’s pristine Stan Smiths dust themselves down.