Flower of the Month |Grevillea

The Grevillea is named after esteemed ol’ aristocrat Charles Francis Greville, though we find its more colloquial nomenclatures to be much more fun and fitting… The Spider Flower. The Silky Oak. The Goddam Toothbrush Plant. Each name is wildly different, yet when you look at the Grevillea - with its brightly coloured, alien-like tentacles probing at the sunlight - they all make a strange sort of perfect sense. 

The coloured sections which lend such unique presence to flower arrangements aren’t actually petals at all. They’re known as calyx tubes, but we won’t disappear down a wiki-informed scientific rabbit hole to try and explain that one to you. Instead we’ll finish up on one final glorious nickname from the plant’s native Australia: the bush lolly. It earned this title via the country’s indigenous people, who discovered the sweet, sweet taste of the Grevillea’s nectar. Most commonly, it would be mixed with a little water to make a sweet drink. Whilst we’re sticking to the aesthetic joys the Grevillea brings for now, lord knows that some of us at Floom HQ could use an aide for cutting down on their 4PM can of Diet Coke…

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