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Buddleia Davidii

Flower of the Week
Flower of the Week|Buddleia Davidii

1945: a pretty momentous year for reasons that we’re all aware of, no doubt. However an enduring little bit of loveliness took place that year in the flower world that you may not be… Yes, as well as the advent of peace (more or less) returning to Europe, the buddleia davidii was introduced to the flower world, staking its claim as one of – if not the – most popular white cultivar around.

The bushy shrubs are more commonly known as ‘white profusion’, which makes immediate sense due to the bursts of arching, clustered flowers that explode in shades of ivory from its stems. As if its aesthetic beauty wasn’t enough of a boon, it’s also one of the most fragrant, nectar-rich plants out there, and has been entrancing bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects since it first hit the scene sixty-odd years ago.

A word of warning if you’re perhaps thinking of growing some butterfly bushes of your own: these guys really do grow! As Peter Houghton, an emeritus professor at King’s College London and all round buddleia expert told the Guardian in 2012, “[buddleia davidii] is a bit like the urban fox. It’s nice to have something wild in the city but it can be annoying too – keep it under control!” Perhaps you’re better off sticking to some of our buddleia-bearing bouquets this summer…

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