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Real pine

Super festive scented environmentally friendly pine.

Hand crafted

Made by our expert elves (aka independent artisans).
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Truly unique

Bouquets with personality. There's no 'one size fits all' here!

Handmade Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath delivery

Add a traditional touch with a classic green wreath or opt for a fragrant choice with dried orange and cinnamon. Make a bold statement with metallic baubles, gingerbread, or gold leaves. Order on Floom for hand-crafted Christmas wreath delivered a local independent florist, and include a personal message with our delivery cards. Available in cities like London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Manchester

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How to make a Christmas Wreath

Learn how to make a Christmas Wreath from scratch with mesh wire.
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History of the Christmas Wreath

Ever wondered why people the nation over deck their doors with fir branches, berries and holly at Christmas each year?
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Handmade Christmas Wreath delivery

Order your Christmas wreath's online with Floom, and the local independent florist fulfilling your order will ensure they are hand delivered to your loved recipient. We also provide the option for a handwritten message with the delivery of your bouquet in our delivery cards. Cities include London, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester among others.

Popular Christmas Wreath Questions:

How do I hang a wreath on a door?

Solving the challenge of hanging a Christmas wreath without damaging your door is crucial. A popular method involves using an adhesive hook on the front door, providing a secure attachment point for the wreath's hanging ribbon.

How do I make a Christmas wreath?

Making a Christmas wreath is a fun activity, that many florists offer in winter-themed workshops. If you want to find out how to make a Christmas wreath, you can follow our tips here.

Who invented the Christmas wreath?

The use of Advent wreaths is thought to have originated with Lutherans in 16th-century Germany. The earliest recorded instance of this tradition, however, dates back to 1833, when a Lutheran clergyman lit a candle in a wreath each Sunday, narrating the nativity story.

What decorations go on a Christmas wreath?

Pick out your decorations not only for their looks, but also for their scented attributes. Here’s the top picks to add an extra sensual dimension to your wreath: Cinnamon sticks, dried fruit, scented pine, thistle, dried lavender and limes.