Life & Style |Tending to terrariums - Instagram accounts for wellness

Tired of feeling like your happiness is bottled up? Floom HQ have the perfect remedy (and it's plant-based of course). Research has also shown that plants and gardens can help people feel less stressed and more calm creating more opportunities for mindfulness practices and our favourite wellness practice is tending to a terrarium. From checking leaves, watering or finding growth - this simple activity of care is a wonderful mindfulness practice. Even if you are a confirmed plant serial killer you can still find moments of mindfulness by vicariously enjoying these top terrarium instagram accounts.

1. @londonterrariums

Looking to start your own terrarium farm? Look to @londonterrariums. Book a workshop at one of London Terrariums two London locations and learn how terrariums work; how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own and how to look after them.

2. @terraliving

Founded by a team of passionate scientists and designers with a love for nature, TerraLiving is a refreshing presence in the art market scene. TerraLiving enjoy creating highly customisable terrariums so that each living, breathing artwork is unique on its own.

3. @terrariumman

@terrariumman creates terrariums — which are biologically diverse, self-sustaining, miniature cloud-forest ecosystems.

4. @capsulegardens

Capsule Gardens is a project which focuses on green thumb needs of people living in big cities, with lifestyle full of hustle and bustle. See how the team can bringing the most vivid green part of nature into everyday life, liven up our living space and let to enjoy a piece of forest in our own apartments.

5. @kinocorium

Kinocorium's terrariums are all mushroom based, hence the name "The Kinocorium” (mushroom terrarium) — a terrarium in which mushrooms are artfully grown in glass containers.