Shilpa Reddy


Shilpa Reddy knew exactly when she wanted to beome a florist: “when I received my first school Valentine’s rose!” We’ll choose not to view that as a thinly veiled boast about high-school popularity, but rather as excellent shorthand for Shilpa’s vibrant relationship with flowers… …It is, in a word, romantic. Despite her teenage swooning, Shilpa trained to be a doctor. She couldn’t suppress her feelings for long however, and scandalously left the medicine world for her one true love: flowers. Her arrangements are beautiful but, says Shilpa, “they also have a wild streak.” Something it sounds like Shilpa knows a thing or two about!

Floom Shilpa Reddy Studio 2
“We are the purveyors of luxury flower boxes... ”
“...Beautiful flowers with a wild streak.”
Floom Shilpa Reddy Studio 3
Emerald Tower Ltd (trading as Shilpa Reddy Flower Design), 09321992, 28 Tangmere Grove, KT2 5GT