How To Care For Cut Roses

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Caring For Roses

Valentine's Day is a time of year for romantic gestures, thoughtful surprises and expressing love. A bouquet of red roses is the traditional bouquet associated with Valentine's Day, the arrangement widely considered to be the defining one of love and adoration.

Should you be fortunate enough to receive a bouquet of roses on February 14th, you will no doubt wish for them to last as long as possible - which is where our care guide for cut roses comes in.

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valentine's roses care guide

1. Get your roses into water as soon as possible, they'll be quite thirsty by the time they reach you.

2. Trim the stems of the roses by removing any dead or wilting leaves or flowers.

3. Cut off about 2cm from the bottom of each stem (it sounds crazy, but trust us here). Ensure you only use sharp scissors or secateurs, as if you use a blunt implement you risk damaging the stems and reducing their ability to take up water.

4. Ensure that the vase you use is squeaky clean. Washing with hot, soapy water and giving it a thorough rinse afterwards should have it clean enough.

5. Once your flowers are in the vase remove any thorns or leaves that fall below the water level - otherwise there is the opportunity for algae and bacteria to form (and no-one, least of all your rose stems, want that).

6. Remember that roses are summer flowers, so they prefer lukewarm water rather than cold water as it helps them to absorb their food and water more efficiently. Who does prefer cold water though?

7. Check the water regularly and change it every couple of days to keep it fresh and algae free.

8. Cut roses are delicate flowers, so keep the bouquet out of direct sunlight and away from cold draughts if possible.

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