A Guide to Valentine's Day Roses

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Guide to Valentine's Day Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue… that’s not necessarily true. In fact, roses come in a vast array of vibrant hues from from classic red and pink, through to orange, yellow, lavender and white. Unsure which to send to your crush/loved one/long-term life partner this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a handy guide to roses for Valentine's Day delivery ahead of the big day...

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Red Rose

Red Roses

In need of a bouquet for the traditional type? Red roses have long been associated with love and romance – a fail-safe option for Valentine’s Day. Why not make a grand gesture and have 100 hand-tied Valentine's roses delivered to your loved one this year.

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Pink Roses

Looking to show someone just how much you value their companionship? Opt for delicate pink roses, for they’re widely regarded as a sign of gratitude and appreciation – a considered Valentine’s sentiment, no less.

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White Roses

When it comes to roses of the white variety, they’re widely believed to be symbolic of purity and innocence – a perfect gesture of commitment to a love that’s fresh and pure.

Orange Roses

Orange roses channel the welcome traits of enthusiasm, passion and desire – a confident choice for love that’s been recently fired. Meanwhile, roses of the yellow variety are a sign of both joy and friendship.

Lavender Roses

When it comes to the rose that possesses the most power, its those of the lavender variety – consider them your Cupid’s bow for they’re said to represent love at first sight.

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