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BOMBAY SAPPHIRE has teamed up with FLOOM to create this limited edition garnish wreath. Stir your creativity by picking items from the wreath to add a personal touch to any winter cocktail – the perfect gift or party centrepiece this festive season.

The Garnish Wreath
Stir your creativity with our limited edition wreath- it's the perfect gift or party centrepiece this festive season.
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What's inside?


The Garnish Wreath

A bespoke winter wreath - expertly crafted using the ingredients for three festive cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

With its perfectly balanced flavour profile, it's the ideal canvas for cocktail creativity.

The Recipes

Three signature cocktail recipes, using the ingredients from the Garnish Wreath.

@BombaySapphireUK #StirCreativity

The Cocktails


Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

This serve is a taste of the festive season.
Star Anise

Gin & IT Fizz

Stir your creativity with star anise, lemon and orange.

Green Apple & Thyme G&T

​The change in season calls for a new taste palette.

Enjoy BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin Responsibly.

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