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1 Floom Magazine Coachella 2016 Best Flower Crowns 1

​Festival Royalty: The Flower Crowns Of Coachella

Life & Style
Life & Style |​Festival Royalty: The Flower Crowns Of Coachella

Despite their prevalence as today’s go-to festival accessory (thank God they seem to have displaced those problematic Native American headdresses…), flower crowns have a long and storied history. In ancient times, Greeks wore them to honour the pantheon of gods, and of course the laurel wreath became synonymous with the rulers of the Ancient Roman Empire. Moving into Medieval times, flower crowns fell distinctly out of fashion (a period big on executing pagans and therefore not so big on the adornments associated with paganism…). If her orange blossom wreath is anything to go by, then Queen Victoria would have made a fine modern day Instagram-er, causing a brief fashion frenzy when she married Prince Albert with one atop her head. Finally of course, we arrive at 1960s America, where hippies celebrated peace and love by wearing (of course) flowers in their hair.

Of course, none of you probably care that much about any of that, we all know what we’re here for. Behold, some of the finest flower crowns (and, presumably pouting lips/denim cut-offs/questionably authentic band tees) to grace this year’s Coachella festival. All hail the omnipotent flower crown! Rejoice! 

...starting with the amazing Alessandra Ambrosio 

1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns Alessandra Ambrosio 1
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns 3
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns 6
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns 5
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns 4
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns Vanessa Hudgens 1
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns 1
1 Floom Magazine Coachella Flower Crowns 7

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