Birth Month Flowers |February Birth Flowers Meaning: Violet

What is the February birth month flower?

With February, comes Valentine’s, and most people, therefore, think that the February birth month flower should be the rose. However, the birth month flower of February has always been the Iris or Violet. The February birthstone is amethyst, which is partly why the February birth month flower is violet, as the former is quite famously a shade of violet.

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The meaning of the February birth flower

In Greek mythology, Iris was the winged messenger of the gods long before Hermes staked a claim to that role. Often appearing as a majestic rainbow, she is usually associated with new endeavors.

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Does February have any other birth month flowers?

The Primrose is another birth month flower for February, albeit less popular. They flower through December to May making them seasonal for February.

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What does the February birth month flower say about your personality?

The color lilac is frequently associated with qualities such as friendliness, open-mindedness, immaturity, and extroversion.

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