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Floral №5 is a company of creative and talented people with a refined aesthetic and a passionate work ethos. We create a diverse range of floral compositions, from small personal bouquets to large eye-catching pieces, all made with care and love. Every bouquet displays our florists' proficiency and creativity. Our bouquets are unique and beyond comparison. We make it of utmost importance to assure quality control. Our products are always crisp and fresh thanks to our specialized cold storage and quality regulation.

At Floral №5 we work with you to create arrangements fitted to your aesthetic, event and budget. Our Florists are artists and love to collaborate with you for a final product you or your loved one will adore! We work with seasonal and rare varieties of flowers and foliage and while we will always do our best to accommodate specific needs, our Florists work hard to create breathtaking pieces with what is available seasonally, but the creative vision of the customer will always be our priority.

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