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Owner & founder, Ina Gumeniuc, is a flower enthusiast who founded Bloomie on the belief that gifting and receiving flowers can make us happier, by bringing genuine moments of joy into our lives and making the distance disappear, no matter how near or far we live from our loved ones.

While we pour love and affection into our floral arrangements, we also make an effort to pour love back into the environment. It provides us with the beautiful flowers we use everyday, and because of this, we recognize the importance of a sustainable approach to floral design. We have instilled practices from the beginning that aligned with both environmental and human health. Sourcing locally, composting regularly, and avoiding the use of foam are just some of the ways that Bloomie consciously practices sustainability. Today, we are proud to say that we are a sustainable flower studio, offering a better option to our customers both for their homes and their conscience.

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We believe in power of flowers and how they can create genuine moments of joy...
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...and bring true smiles on people’s faces!

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