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So you may ask why F for Flower? Let me tell you a bit about our inspiration behind the name of our brand! The name F for Flower was inspired by the well-known movie V for Vendetta. Same with the film’s character, it is our intent to revolutionize the field of floristry by introducing innovative techniques and ground breaking combinations!!!

We are a team of accomplished professionals with years of experience in the floristry and gardening field, and hundreds of collaborations with truly exceptional professionals in this industry. We felt that it is our chance to shine by spreading our wings and create a brand truly unique and exquisite that beyond doubt represents us!

Our decision to disembark on this journey at this precise moment in time is of great significance, not only for us, but the whole world; the pandemic, the most terrible moments of contemporary history. More than ever people have lost touch with their loved ones, travelling and moments spent in nature that gave meaning to their lives. With these 3 concepts in mind, it is our ambition and intention to bring these to your own space!

With endless options of colours and one-of-a-kind combinations to choose from, we offer you the chance to ship them at every single corner of the world for you and beloved ones. It is truly and extraordinary offer that you can cherish the beauty of nature from the comfort of your own home with our elegant and exotic plants and flowers.

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We believe in a place that joy grows like wildflowers.
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Flowers can’t solve all problems but they are a great start.

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