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PM Flowers

In 1966, Prewett Miller opened a flower shop on Connaught Street that has since become a staple in the community. Over the years, their floral arrangements have been a part of countless celebrations, from romantic Valentine's Day gestures to milestone birthdays and the start of new relationships. Today, the business operates under the name 'PM Flowers' and remains family-run, with locations on both Connaught Street and Lillie Road.

To create their visually stunning bouquets that stand the test of time, PM Flowers sources their flowers from a variety of locations. They procure blooms from England, Holland, and Kenya via the Covent Garden market. By combining flowers from multiple sources, PM Flowers is able to meet the high demand for their expertly crafted arrangements.

When asked what makes flowers such a special gift Sean explains, "As a gift it's so effective in making people happy and connect us to nature. A good arrangement is beautiful and art-like, people love seeing colour. If you walk on the tube people focus on the flowers. We are so over-exposed to neutral colour in our surroundings and homes that having flowers (blessings from earth) bring a positive feeling, they delight the senses. There is also a strong connection between the people gifting flowers. It’s traditional and meaningful".

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Our Inspiration is the sumptuous beauty of nature.
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For floristry there is no right or wrong in design, the inspiration is more about creative flow.

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