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Isa Bloom

I grew up in Bristol surrounded by pretty petals with my mum being a trained florist, always filling the house with beautiful blooms and both of my grandfather’s keen gardeners. From a young age I remember feeling so uplifted, free and happy when being around flowers and in the garden. As I got older, I used to dream of being a florist but as many did, I followed the more academic route studying and working in fashion marketing for many years before finally leaving it all and travelling the world. Travel completely inspired me to follow my dreams and I retrained in floristry when returning home to Bristol. In 2018 Isabloom Floral Design was founded in and I have never looked back.

My style draws inspiration from nature itself with a bohemian edge. Every design is very unique and is created with the client in mind and their individual style. I often like to combine a mixture of fresh flowers with a few dried stems. Nothing I create will ever feel unnatural.

I source only seasonal flowers and try to buy locally grown where I can. I will only purchase the highest quality blooms as it is very important to me to retain a certain level of quality within my work. The environment is very important to me and is something that I am very conscious of at Isabloom Floral Design. Sadly, the flower industry creates a lot of plastic waste, so I keep all of my packaging 100% recyclable and will only use biodegradable floral foam when it is absolutely necessary.

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Nothing I create will ever feel unnatural..
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The environment is very important to me and is something that I am very conscious of..

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