Child-friendly plant delivery

Looking for plants that are safe around your children? Whilst most plants are generally safe to have in the home around children, a fair amount can make children sick when ingested. Take a look at our favourite child-friendly plants, from spider plants or prayer plants.

Prayer Plant Square

Prayer Plants

Safe around children with a striking appearance. As darkness falls each night, their leaves fold together, making them look like hands in prayer. They open again in the morning when light hits them.

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Snake Plant Square

Snake plants

Want an easy-to-care-for plant that is non-toxic to children? The snake plant, their sharp long leaves resemble snakes, giving the plant its name. Snake plants are popular gifts owing to their striking features.

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Spider Plant Square

Spider plants

Looking for a quirky plant that’s safe for children? The spider plant derives its name from the spiderettes, which resemble spiders on a web as they hang down from the parent plant.

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Boston Fern Square

Bostern Fern

Another top pick for child-friendly plants is the Boston fern, they look great in a hanging basket or perched in bathrooms where they enjoy the humidity.

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Child-friendly plant questions

How harmful can plants be to children?

Most plants are that are not child safe are toxic to children if ingested, whilst this may seem an unlikely thing for a child to eat, some people prefer not to take a risk, and opt for child-friendly plants instead.

How do I make my plants last longer?

Know what is best for your plant. A cactus thrives under bright light while zamioculcas can live with low light if they have to.

How do I extend the life of my plants?

All plants benefit from some pointing-and-spraying, but indoor plants like it most, especially those that require humidity in addition to water – ferns and calatheas among them.

What time will my flowers be delivered?

Our main delivery window is 10am - 6pm Monday - Sunday. Some of our florists do deliver later into the day in which case any same day orders placed after 1pm will be delivered before 9pm that day.