Mother's Day |A 4-point guide to Mother’s Day

The days are starting to get longer and there are daffodils – our flower of the month – in bloom. Spring and Easter are just around the corner, and we’re already dreaming of summer. But first, there are inspiring, strong and independent women to be celebrated and appreciated on March 11th in aid of Mother’s Day in the UK. Whether you’re surprising her by sending an exquisitely crafted bouquet, or hand delivering it to the house before sitting down for a sunday roast – we’ve got a comprehensive guide at hand to help.

...perhaps the most captivating of spring’s fresh crop, the parrot tulip that defies all the traits of its traditional counterpart

Tulip 3

2. Know the color scheme

Speaking from experience, it’s always worth noting mom’s colour scheme. If the entire house is pristine white, follow suit and opt for elegant anemones, or perhaps Élan Flowers ‘Dusty Pinks’ – Breathtaking Secret Garden roses, fragrant hyacinth, and touches of sweet pea all in a pastel color pallet. Of course, it’s a matter of preference and you know mom best.

3. Think about her favourite scent

Ever witnessed your mom picking flowers on a summer walk, elated by the uplifting aroma? Take your scent cues from fond memories for a truly personal gift, for our use of smell is linked closer to memory than any other sense. Maybe it’s the comforting savour of spring lilac – proper name Syringa from the ancient greek meaning ‘tube’ in reference to their hollow composure – or perhaps it’s the familiar fragrance an arrangement of garden roses.

4. Don’t forget the first Mother’s Day

A final tip, don’t forget her first Mother’s Day. We’re aware newborns can’t browse the net, but a beautiful bouquet – from which the stems can later be pressed and kept for years to come – is a considered gesture of appreciation.