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Flower of the Month

Ovid’s Metamorphoses offers a fitting origin story for our latest Flower Of The Week: according to the Roman poet, the plant was created by the goddess Venus, who sprinkled nectar upon the blood of her slain lover, Adonis. It is a fittingly Romantic creation story for a plant with blooms that are as rich and intense in colour as they are delicate - the name, Anemone, translates from the Greek for ‘daughter of the wind,’ and its petals can often be swept away at the slightest of gusts.

Anemone flowers can feature anything from four to almost thirty intricately arranged petals. This intricacy extends from the literal to the symbolic, with a great many ‘meanings’ having been attributed to the flower over the centuries. These range from superstitious beliefs that the Anemone can protect from evil ill wishes and diseases to more epic, romantic gestures of forsaken love and bereavement. We’re probably most enamoured however with their association with fairies and the magic that occurs at twilight: a dusky light falling upon fantastical, twinkle-toed beings as they dance upon the delicate petals of an Anemone in full bloom.

Floom Fotw Anemone Pt

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