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Floom + WeTransfer

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Art & Design|Floom + WeTransfer

Floom + WeTransfer: Download exclusive digital blooms for your desktop and mobile.

We’re thrilled to announce our new collaboration with WeTransfer - making sure you’ll never be far from a burst of Floom blooms!

We’re firm believers in using plants and flowers as the ultimate office-brightener. Nothing gives a little lift to your day like catching a hint of verdant green from the corner of your eye, or witnessing a flower as it blossoms and blooms over the course of your working week. Its a subject we already discussed in some detail in fact with one of our favourite photographers, Polly Brown.  But what happens if you don’t happen to work in an environment that values those things as much as you'd like? Or if Jerry from Accounting keeps telling senior management that you're 'a bit of a daydreamer,’ every time you take a glance over at the cactus on a colleague’s desk? 

Floom We Transfer Blue2

We've all been there. You arrive at the office after the python-like stranglehold of a way-too-long commute. You file in along with everyone: silent or (worse) smalltalk, heads down, headphones in. Everything seems grey. The suits, the computers, the office furniture. You long for a vibrant burst of colour to brighten the day, and frankly, the splash of three day old ketchup that stains the lapel of Jerry from Accounting isn’t really cutting it anymore…

Whether this is the case or not, we're delighted to able to bring a little permanent joy to your working environment, one that doesn’t rely on green-fingered office managers or your own frequent, furtive trips to fill up a watering can. Earlier this year, our friends over at WeTransfer asked us to create some ‘digital flowers’ that they could offer their customers as a way to brighten up their desktops and mobiles. We’re thrilled to say that you can now download the images for yourselves! 

Simply click on the button below to download a full selection of desktop and mobile images.

Floom Wetransfer Pink2

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Photo Credit: Ana Cuba.

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