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Our London florists have catered for all types of wedding; from understated to grandiose, old-fashioned to contemporary - and now they can provide the perfect wedding flowers for your special day. 

Flowers fit for a wedding

You've got the venue, the dress, the guest list, the food, the vows, the ring (hopefully) just the flowers remain for your big day. 

Get in touch with the Floom team to ensure that your floral vision can be realised, as we will connect you to the local florist best suited to your needs and location. 

The florist will be able to tailor everything you need unique to you. Say goodbye to all those generic flower bouquets or arrangements, and let us connect you with a florist to create something truly memorable - just like it should be at your wedding. 

Seen a bouquet on site you like? Let us know and we'll take it from there. Contact to get started.

Discover the latest trends in floristry and learn more on how to incorporate them in your dream wedding décor. 

Zita Elze Wedding Umbrella

Some of our florists' bouquets for wedding inspiration

We love hearing from happy Floom customers

Greg Stogdon Testimonial Floom
Greg Stogdon
SVP Creative, Burberry

I’m always wanting to send flowers that can inspire and Floom has saved the day on many occasions; always offering top quality, unique arrangements, put together with great creative instinct.

Robyn Az7 A3891
Robyn Hamilton
PA to the Head of Digital, Conde Nast

I send bouquets to high profile clients and colleagues all the time, and I have never experienced a service like Floom’s before. The product is stunning, the service is sharp, and it’s so so easy!

Ben Palmer Az7 A6816
Ben Palmer
Creative Director, Mr. Porter

As a creative I'm always very specific about what gifts I give. It needs to look good but also be great quality. It's exactly the kind of brand & service that I can rely on to get what i need quickly.

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