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San Francisco — San Bruno

U&I Flowers

Founded by Khrystyna Chorna, San Francisco City’s U&I Flowers was born with the intent to create unique arrangements that reflect the character, mood, and personality of its customers.

According to Khrystyna, her floristry technique and her eye for crafting individual creations developed while living in her native, Ukraine. But it wasn't until Khrystyna moved to San Francisco in 2014 that she decided to flex her green fingers. “Upon meeting new friends and exploring the lively city, I also discovered new hobbies such as photography, calligraphy, and floristry,” she explains. Of course, it was the latter – her love of flowers – that became her true passion.

Sourcing her stems from local marts and flower farmers, Khrystyna describes her captivating aesthetic as “pretty messy, but womanly elegant and structured at the same time”. “I love letting flowers just flow and do their thing,” she explains. When asked why flowers make for such a thoughtful gift, Khrystyna vocalises it beautifully. “Flowers make people forget and forgive fall in love and set the atmosphere” – in other words, never underestimate the power of the language of flowers.

Floom U And I Flower San Francisco Studio 2
I started U & I Flowers with a vision of creating beautiful arrangements to reflect the character...
Floom U And I Flower San Francisco Studio 3
...feel, and personality of my customers!

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