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Studio Choo

San Francisco’s Studio Choo floristry studio crafts mixed-garden compositions from locally-sourced and forged flowers and plants in a style that can be characterized as unconventional, sculptural, and beautiful.

Having spent her younger years growing up in the rolling hills of Northern California, Studio Choo’s founder Alethea Harampolis knows a thing of two about the flora of her native. Her bohemian lifestyle has come to inform her “wild and unruly” floristry style, too. “I like to think that my arrangements look like gardens growing out of a vase,” she explains. For Alethea, floristry is an intuitive process. “I love looking at every single stem that I'm using in an arrangement. I like to notice the way that it's leaning, or what side has the most pleasing angle. I like to let the flowers tell me where they want to be in an arrangement”. When it comes to her favourite stem, Alethea’s sure it’s a juicy sprig of Honeysuckle. “It's fragrance transports me back to being a kid, and I love how it grows so wild and effortless along roadsides, and in the most random places”.

Of course, Alethea’s botanical talents don’t stop there, she’s also co-authored two titles: "The Flower Recipe Book" and "Branches and Blooms" with Jill Rizzo, Studio Choo’s co-founder who heads up their second store on the East Coast.

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After a few years it was clear that the wedding portion of the business needed room to grow...
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...and the women sought a larger space outside the city.

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