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The multi-talented creatives behind Manhattan’s Sprig & Social are all about delivering perfect floral experiences – whatever your needs. As they themselves summarize, they’re on hand for, “small dinner parties, elaborate weddings, whimsical Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, inspiring corporate retreats, decking the halls for the holidays… and everything in between.” Sprig & Social was conceived of and headed up by Michael Moller and Tobin Summers, who each have over 17 years of experience in the creative industries. Michael honed his skills in interior design and event/floral design for the likes of Ralph Lauren, HGTV, True Entertainment, Carlson Worldwide and Starwood; Tobin’s multi-disciolinary creative career saw him perfecting his skills for fashion brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and David Yurman. Eventually their passion for the floral flourishes in their work became all-consuming, and thus Sprig & Social was born! Describing their floristry style as, “structured, organic but not overly fussy or too complicated,” they believe that flowers make great gifts because they, “breathe life into a room. Their scent and organic growth add such a dynamic layer to a space.” Ever the romantics, Michael and Tobins’s fondest floral memory is of their own wedding: “we gathered our wonderful team of designers to crank out an amazingly soft, spring floral package with lush ferns adorning the tables – green amongst the curly willows draped from the ceiling. Pops of color in assorted vessels added the final touch to the background of an industrial rope factory in Brooklyn, looking back over Manhattan at sunset.

Floom Sprig Social Studio 2
All of them for all of their individual reason. If we had to chose one, it would be Anemones...
Floom Sprig Social Studio 3
...their romantic soft tissue paper like petals arranged in such a symmetrical way.

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