New York — Greenwich Village


Situated a stone’s throw from 5th Avenue, Manhattan’s Florisity is operated by the very same creative and artistic team as the renowned Takashimaya Floral. As The New York Times noted upon the re-launch as Florisity in 2010, the flatiron district is once again able to enjoy the florists’ “remarkable pale pink English roses, double-petaled Dutch tulips and stems of baby crab-apples.” The studio has gained a reputation as innovators in floral art, specializing in exceptional flowers for daily orders, restaurants, hotels, weddings and more. In fact, one way to get a handle on the level of prestige we’re dealing with here is to take a quick glance at their startling client list. From Apple and Armani to Oprah Winfrey and The White House, their ability to assess the aesthetic of a space and use the most appropriate flowers and designs for co-existence with the surroundings has made Florisity one of the top floral ateliers in the country.

Floom Florisity Studio 2
I would describe our floristry style as an avant-garde mix of east meets west.
Floom Florisity Studio 3
We use a mixture of seasonal flowers in all of our arrangements, but our favorite flower has to be a peony. They are only around for a short time and are the most lush.

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