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Buds of Brooklyn

Behind the jaw-dropping floral displays of Buds of Brooklyn lies a simple mindset: “Flowers make people happy,” say founders Nicole and Connie, before paraphrasing a line from one of the borough’s most iconic late stars. “Our goal is to spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way…” Before turning their hands to floristry, Nicole and Connie expressed their creativity as fashion designers. Their fondest floral memories involve looking back on the time they took the plunge and followed their green fingered instincts. “We started our business with close family and friends, all of whom remain great buds to us. We also love that we continue to meet new friends and talent in this industry though of course!” Describing their style as “loose and romantic but also modern and artistic,” Buds of Brooklyn is a reaction to the “cookie cutter” formula that they felt more typical flower shops were offering. At the heart of their offering is a look inspired by the classic English country garden, and their favorite flowers at the moment are ranunculus and the garden rose. “We’re constantly amazed at how Ranunculus’ endless petals are supported by those tiny twisting stems. We love the garden rose because of the endless varieties, but also because they become ever more beautiful and different at each stage of their life.”

Floom Buds Of Brooklyn Studio 2
We noticed the cookie cutter formula by typical flower shops and wanted to do something different.
Floom Buds Of Brooklyn Studio 3B
We are inspired by English gardens and nature. Our style is loose and romantic but also modern and artistic.

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