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New York — North Bergen

Bloomie Flower Studio

Founded by two individuals with a shared enthusiasm for flowers, New York’s Bloomie Flower Studio is built upon the ethos that flowers – and their innate beauty – bring unrivalled happiness to people’s lives. It’s a story that rings true for the owner of Bloomie Flower Studio, Ina Mamaliga, who’s entry into the world of floristry was born from a personal desire to find unique bouquets.

Mamaliga worked in marketing frequently organising events in Moldova for some years before moving to New York, and it was at such events that she observed and admired the ability local florists had in transforming mundane spaces into locations akin to those of a fairytale. “After moving to New York City, I ran into a problem – it was hard to find beautiful bouquets like those I used to see back home,” says Ina. “Every time my then boyfriend – now husband – surprised me with a flower delivery, it turned out to be something I didn’t really like. So, I started to buy flowers from grocery stores and make my own arrangements.” Fast forward to now, and the studio is renowned for its trademark style, described by Ina as “sleek, chic and very graceful, featuring nudes and pastels”. “We believe that our bouquets highlight an inherent balance between elegance and purity, charm and delicacy”. As for Ina’s favourite flower, it’s ranunculus. “They are are so gracious, and they give elegance to every bouquet we make. They’re so delicate, that I’m sometimes afraid I could break them, but at the same time their charm makes me want to work with them forever.”

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We believe in power of flowers and how they can create genuine moments of joy...
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...and bring true smiles on people’s faces!

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