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“Sculptural floral works with whimsy and artistic design…” That’s how Libby and Jess of Beetle Bug describe their Manhattan-based floristry practice. “We use sincerity and gentleness to create specific, uniquely identifiable pieces,” they say. “Style and nature in bloom!” With backgrounds as a fashion designer (Libby) and as a sculptor/painter (Jess) their bouquets and arrangements show a seriously refined sensibility, without ever being too serious. The word ‘whimsy’ frequently crops up in conversation with the pair, and it’s a joy to hear Jess describe her favourite floral moment: “oh I think it was the (first) time I got kicked out of a painting class for trying to adjust the lengths of the flower stems in a still life before we began painting them. I realized two things: not only was it incredibly fun to do, but also that [Flemish painter] Jan Frans van Dael must have had an amazing florist… and I no longer knew who I admired more!” Beyond the boundless enthusiasm, there’s also something touching about the relationship they’ve cultivated (no pun intended) with their blooms. When asked why they believe flowers make such perfect gifts, they reply that, “flowers have been communicating with us forever, and they always have nice things to say. Who doesn’t want to hear nice things?”

Floom Beetle Bug Studio 2
I think flowers have been communicating with us forever, and they always have nice things to say...
Beetlebug September2017 Portraits 6 Of 36
...Who doesn’t want to hear nice things?
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