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“Whether we are planting a Manhattan rooftop garden, a Brooklyn garden, or creating centerpieces and tablescapes for weddings and events… our goal is to create something not only beautiful, but truly experiential.” So says Alexandra Abuza of her eponymous, Brooklyn-based floristry studio. Alexandra came to floristry, as she puts it, “through the garden gate!” Before working with cut flowers, she worked as a garden designer, and wherever possible now her and her team reference the natural landscape. Combining textures, movement, moods and colour, they engage all of the senses in an effort to transport recipients of their flowers to another place. “What I love most about this work is the element of surprise and transformation,” says Alexandra. It’s always wonderful to see a bride’s joy when handed their bouquet, or to see a couple’s surprise on seeing a venue transformed, or to feel we’ve really represented a company’s brand well when decorating their showroom. It’s hard for me to think of one specific favorite flower moment even, because these elements of surprise and transformation occur so regularly in the world of floristry! That idea of transformation extends to Alexandra’s ideas on why bouqets make such great gifts. “I always think the best gifts are those which bring joy, beauty, a sense of calm and uplift or transformation,” she says. “Even if fleeting.”

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I always think that the best gift are those which bring joy, beauty, a sense of calm and uplift or transformation, even if fleeting.
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I also think gifts should be things one wouldn't usually purchase for themselves. I believe flowers do/are all these things.

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