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The Plant Provocateur

“Hey, I’m Hank and I’m The Plant Provocateur.” That’s how Mr. H. Jenkins of Los Angeles (by way of a childhood in “the backwoods of Michigan introduces himself. Certainly one imagines, from his thick-rimmed glasses, piercing stare and endless, asymmetrical blond fringe, that his very existence in his hometown would have been deemed provocative. However now firmly situated in the altogether sunnier environment of the West Coast, Hank is able to channel those provocative instincts into his one true obsession: plants! A self-described “connoisseur of the chic and unique,” he also uses adjectives such as graphic, modern, bold, ethereal and glamorous when describing a personal aesthetic that extends to his wonderful selection of plants as well.

Behind the stunning visuals lies a deep seated love of the natural world: “I started growing plants at the age of seven,” Hank says. “I’ve always sought nature as a means of self care.” Today his plant-life curations are bringing the same sense of ease and joy to customers all over the City of Angels. “Plants and flowers bring people in touch with nature,” he continues. “The benefits of that connection feed the soul.” We couldn’t agree more!

As for his favourite flower, Hank plumps for “the Waratah. One of the most vividly stunning flower forms ever designed in nature.”

Floom Plant Provocateur La Plants Studio 2
Plants and flowers bring people in touch with nature.
Floom Plant Provocateur La Plants Studio 3
The benefits of that connection feeds the soul.

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