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The Juicy Leaf

Felix Navarro is a people-person. Well, he’s a plant-person as well, obviously, which is why he founded The Juicy Leaf, a cornucopia of green delights a stone’s throw from the boardwalks in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. But unprompted, the first thing he wants everyone to know is that he “works with some extraordinary human beings – the thing I’m most proud of is having them by my side.”

Presumably this is because it’s with the help of these people that Felix has been able to realize his “life-long dream”, opening a plant shop to rival all plant shops after leaving behind a career “entrenched in the corporate finance world.”

Since making the climb out of those trenches, the corporate finance world’s loss has been the plant-lovers of Los Angeles’ gain. It’s hard to argue with Felix’s assertion that The Juicy Leaf is “a haven in the midst of the city… a place where anyone can visit and instantly be transported to a lush green paradise filled with succulent arrangements, designer terrariums, manzanita sculpture, vintage furniture and fine art.”

Of course at the heart of all that is the plants themselves, which you can find here on Floom, housed in an array of novel containers that paint a picture of the place from which they came. “From simple house plants in a white pot to more extravagant succulents accompanied by crystals, we try to offer everything a customer might want,” says Felix. He thinks for a moment before adding, “we even have these gorgeous plants that come in test tubes!”

Floom Juicy Leaf La Plant Shop Studio 2
All employees are gifted and are the absolute most important part of who The Juicy Leaf is.
Floom Juicy Leaf La Plant Shop Studio 3
This is what sets us apart from others...our people!

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The Juicy Leaf |82-1923733|5725 N. Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA, 90042