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Founded by Jessica Mastro, Shed Designs is a small floral design studio crafting truly unique bouquets inspired by the visual identity and topography of Los Angeles.

Having graduated with degrees in Art History and Fine and Decorative Arts in London, and worked in galleries and artist's studios in New York and Los Angeles for 17 years, Jessica decided that it was time to strike out into a creative territory of her own, “to pursue a career doing something that makes me happy and has the ability to make others happy”.

Jessica’s self-described “pared-down and expressive” visual style is informed by “mood and memory” along with Los Angeles’ dreamy evening skies, warm sunsets, plants and flowers. “I like elevating 'everyday' flowers by using a unifying color palette and mixing them with unusual elements,” explains Jessica. “I try to let the materials dictate the structure of the composition rather then bending them to my hand”. The majority of the stems in question are sourced from Los Angeles Flower Market, almost all of her bouquets feature a component that’s been “locally foraged or snipped from friends' gardens as a finishing element”.

When asked why she loves working with flowers, Jessica tells us that the answer is simple. “They make me happy and they make other people happy. If I can bring joy or make someone's day a little brighter, that is enormously meaningful to me. According to Jessica, “flowers are an ephemeral offering. I think that when you know something beautiful will not last, you enjoy that thing more intensely and it pulls you into the present moment.”

Floom Shed Designs Los Angeles Launch Studio 1
I like elevating 'everyday' flowers by using a unifying color palette...
Floom Shed Designs Los Angeles Launch Studio 3
and mixing them with unusual elements.

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