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Fern and Mist

Fern and Mist Florals was born amidst a flurry of passion and determination. Our love for flower work pushed us out of our comfort zone and into full-fledged creativity. Within a week, we found a garage, started taking orders and have been committed to living in beauty ever since. Creating with flowers is pure joy and passion for us, a quality that shines through our work. Letting them run a little wild and free, blossoming into an organic shape, full of texture and vibrance, brings a little wildflower meadow indoors. Flowers are more than decorations to us. They’re a vessel of joy, love, nature, beauty, and sincerity. These are qualities we weave into all our designs and we can’t wait to do so for you too.

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Let us live like flowers- wild and beautiful
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and drenched in the sun!

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