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Los Angeles — North Hollywood

Desert Rose Succulents

“From tiny seeds grow mighty oaks…” Funny how bonafide businesses sometimes get their starts isn’t it? Take Los Angeles’ Desert Rose Succulents for example. It all began when founder Sara Seiniger’s husband asked her to replant a small aloe that was outgrowing its container. As Sara explains, “after a few trips to the nursery, and a few plants later, I had created my first arrangement!” That one arrangement translated into the cool, hard currency of today - hundreds of Instagram ‘likes’ – and, not long after, Desert Rose was born. “Over the subsequent years, I’ve learned the ins and outs of succulents, orchids and houseplants and strive to provide only the finest of plants to my customers.”

Those fine plants (Sara describes her style as “organic yet romantic”) quickly reached an audience even bigger (possibly) than Sara’s Instagram account – her proudest Desert Rose moment came when one of her arrangements was featured on a major talk show. “Knowing that our work was being seen across the entire country was a pretty surreal experience,” Sara says.

On a more individual level, Sara thinks plants make such great gifts because “they bring some beauty and a touch of nature into someone’s day… It’s been scientifically proven that plants make people happy and one of the biggest blessings of this business!”

Floom Desert Rose Studio 2
One arrangement led to hundreds of Instagram "likes" and not long after, Desert Rose was born.
Floom Desert Rose Studio 3
We showcase nature's beauty with unique designs that are guaranteed to last and thrive.

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