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Houston — Sweet Lake

Scent & Violet

With a name that conjures up throughs of sweet aromas and rich, vibrant colours, Scent & Violet is a charming boutique floristry shop located in west Houston, delivering to most parts of the Houston-Katy-Sugar Land area. Founded by Amra Kolasinac – who explains she’s “is in the business of making people happy” – Scent & Violet is a neighbourhood business that prides itself on building relationships with longevity, with both their customers and their community. Having been introduced to them by her auntie (“the original florist in the family”) while in college, Amra instantly fell in love with flowers and plants, but it wasn’t until some years later that she pursued her true passion. "I ended up being almost a movie cliché: European Immigrant chasing the ultimate American Dream – pursuit of happiness. Scent & Violet, flowers and gifts is that dream come true,” she explains.

According to Amra, the aesthetic created by her team is constantly evolving and morphing. “We strongly believe that style should be dynamic. While our design style is mostly based on a European garden design with a modern twist, we love bringing in elements of Asian, South American and African floral schools of design. Come to think of it – we should probably call our style Houstonian – diverse in colour, style, and taste just as Houston is”. When asked why she loves working with flowers, Amra’s answer is simple, “flowers make me smile”. “They awake that curious, excited child in me. The colours, the texture, the scent of flowers… every little part evokes feelings. You can create art almost out of every medium, yet very few of those will make you smile – all the time. Add to this that we still don’t know the origin of flowers on our planet and, it becomes a whole lot interesting to work with.”

Floom Scent And Violet Houston Studio 2
You can create art almost out of every medium...
Floom Scent And Violet Houston Studio 3
...yet very few of those will make you smile – all the time.

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Scent and Violet LC|46-4330619|2811 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77077