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Houston — West Little York Park

Pompom Florists

Founded by Luisa Torres Alejandre and located in Garden Oaks Area, Pompom Florists is a flower studio that creates specialising in a diversity of arrangements delivering across Houston.

Luisa always knew she wanted to own her own business, but it wasn’t until she was planning her wedding that she found her true passion: floristry, Upon returning form her honeymoon she set herself the mammoth task of “learning everything I could” about flowers. Now she’s the co-owner, creative director and head designer at Pompom Flowers, while her husband and co-owner Theo Alejandre, is the director of logistics.

Luisa describes her style as “pretty free” and “garden style”, “I throughly enjoy colours and textures. I like to draw outside the lines and try different things. I try to aim for unpredictable and non traditional”. Meanwhile, it’s the natural beauty of flowers that keeps her engaged. “Designing arrangements automatically relaxes me. They disconnect me from reality, make me pause and be present in this moment. At the same time flowers allow me to be creative and let my imagination run. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts while Im designing. Working with flowers also helps create positive energy in me.”

For Luisa, it’s the contrasting qualities of flowers that, in her opinion, make them such a great gift. “They are so special because they are alive but at the same time fragile and delicate. Their beauty has an expiration date, they’ll dry out but meanwhile they are alive and bring happiness to you.”

Floom Pom Pom Houston Studio 2
If I would describe myself as a flower I would be an anemone...
Floom Pom Pom Houston Studio 4
...because it has a shield to the exterior and as soon as it warms up it opens up and it’s dignified in its presence!

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