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Amanda Bowman’s eponymous floristry studio, Amanda Bees, lives by the motto: “flowers are always a good idea”. We couldn’t agree with the owner and lead designer more. Located in Cooperfield Place, Amanda and her team take inspiration from mature to craft artfully curated, unique, non-traditional designs.

It was following an Elle Woods, Legaly-Blonde-esque realisation, half way through her university degree, that that Amanda decided to pursue a career in floristry. She hasn’t looked back since. Now, she runs the business with her husband Andrew and a team of amazing freelancers, and is on a mission to work with as many local flower growers as she can. A country girl at heart, everything Amanda creates is inspired by nature and the great outdoors.

For Amanda, working with flowers is an enriching experience. “I love how my job is to create art with living things. No other medium of art is as unique as floral design. Your art literally can transform even after you are finished!” Meanwhile, she believes that the gift of flowers is an important way to enhance the quality of one’s life. “Think about it, Houston is a busy city. We drive an hour to work sitting in traffic, sit at a desk, then drive another hour back home. How much concrete and harsh lighting do we deal with every day? Why not add something living and calming to our busy lives? Flowers and Plants do exactly that. They slow us down and help us remember to this beautiful world we live in!”

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My goal is to work with as many local growers as I can.
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But when I can't, I seek out wholesalers and farms that provide the best quality and are ecologically-minded.

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