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Asrai Garden

Asrai Garden was founded 19 years ago by Elizabeth Cronin. Immediately it pushed the limits of what a flower shop can be by creating a magic garden apothecary full of curiosities, items dark and beautiful, and things special to Elizabeth. The store has always been driven by her aesthetic and has grown and evolved quite a bit over the years to reflect an ever-changing curation of lines centuries old and new emerging artists. In 2018, Elizabeth partnered with Michael Renaud and Chris Kaskie to open our second location in the Ace Hotel here in Chicago.

Asrai recently doubled in size when we opened our second location- they now have 11 full and part time employees who make up an amazing team responsible for every aspect of our business. Elizabeth is our fearless leader, whose vision and personality guide us in creating a highly curated and magical design aesthetic. Taylor is the general manager, overseeing operations and both stores, and Adina is our North Ave shop manager. Every member of our team has a beautiful, unique personality contributing to the overall joy and dynamic of the stores.

Floom Asrai Garden Chicago Studio 1B
It's also always a joy and an honor to work with another artist who's work you love...
Floom Asrai Garden Chicago Studio 2
...and respect such as Zola Jesus!

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