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Green & Wild is the work of Hannah, who worked for many years under the inspirational guidance of London florists such as Jane Packer, Moyses Stevens and Wild Things Flowers. From conjuring bouquets to decorating shops, businesses and restaurants, Hannah’s experiences are pretty all-encompassing (throw in the odd extravagant event for celebrities and brands alike, and she’s pretty much got the full house). Hannah now channels this keenly-honed eye for spaces great and small into her own stunning floral creations for the good people of Warwick, offering a modern and beautiful style of floristry for every blooming need imaginable… and of course there’s always need for an uplifting arrangement! As Hannah says, “even on the crappiest of days, a flower will cheer you up. They are endlessly surprising in their gorgeousness.” Elaborating, she adds that flowers make such great gifts because, “they can really lift a person, change the feel of a room – and they smell amazing too!” Aside from a three year period exploring the diverse flora of Australia, Hannah has been floristry-focused since pretty much day one. Her love of nature and flowers saw her studying the craft straight from school, which resulted in her coveted role as a junior at Moyses Stevens. Having found her own floral voice over the following years, she now describes her style as “pretty wild, which suits my personality!” Indeed, the presence of wilderness is truly visible in more than just the name above the shop: each bouquet bursts with the unexpected combinations of colour and texture that only unrestrained nature can provide. The shop itself features a homely vibe overflowing with plants and arrangements, giving a maximalist sense of how beautiful one’s home might be if only the wilderness were left to roam free… All that’s left is to ask Hannah that all-important question: if you were a flower, what would you be? “I’d be a poppy, because they always curve and bloom in different ways and shapes and colours. They’re also a little bit delicate."

Floom Green And Wild Studio 2
My inspirations in the floristry industry have to be Flowers Vasette and Vervain...
Floom Green And Wild Studio 3
..their floristry style and impeccable eye for detail inspires me every single day with my own creations.

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